1. To alter course; to change direction
2. To be in harmony; to be in sync


In the face of a pandemic, we have chosen to jibe – to alter course and be in sync with our community on all of our efforts to reopen our doors to our beloved tribe. We understand that things may look different, but we have come up with a new detailed plan to keep our staff and our riders as safe as possible.

We have outlined our updates, our comprehensive cleaning process,  what you should expect before, during and after your ride, and staff requirements. These updates will continue to be adjusted as we get further guidelines from the state and riders will be notified of any changes immediately. 




We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time and can't wait to ride with you!

We are thrilled to announce we are back to our original home at 20 Free Street, with newly installed plexiglass surrounding each bike, for weekday morning classes.

We will continue our partnershship with the Portland House of Music at 25 Temple Street in Portland, for evening and weekend classes.

Rides at our Yarmouth location will continue inside, also offering plexiglass surrounding each bike to offer you a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

Three options to ride with same vibe, the same beats...and lots of plexiglass to keep things shiny and safe. Book with credits or memberships!

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Spin Room

Our system will only allow booking for every other bike  in order to maintain a safe 6 ft distance between riders.


Schedule Changes

We have altered our schedule slightly to allow for 45 minutes between each class to reduce rider overlap in studio and to provide adequate time for staff to clean and disinfect after each class.


Hospital-Grade Air Purifiers

We have installed hospital-grade air purifiers in our studios in order to ensure that our air is being cleansed on a regular basis.  


Studio Ventilation

We have upgraded and increased ventilation in our studio for your safety.


Cleaning Practices

We have stepped up our already diligent cleaning practices to keep you safe, including the use of an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect 99.9% in hard to reach areas.


Shower Access

Showers will be unavailable to riders until further notice. 



Hand Sanitizer Station

We will have a hand sanitizer station available at the entrance to the studio. Please be sure to use before you enter.


Hands-Free Check In

Check in will be touch-less. Riders will be able to check in the Jibe app up to 20 min before class. Front desk will be available for verbal check ins, shoe rentals and water. 


Class Cancellations and Fees

In order to allow as many riders  as possible with our reduced class size, will be strictly adhering to our cancellation policy. We ask that riders cancel reservations 12 hours prior to class time in order to avoid a cancellation fee. 


High-Touch Surfaces and Amenities

We will be removing all bathroom amenities to avoid any hand-to-hand contact; we will have hair elastics, feminine products and individually wrapped ear plugs available at the front desk.



social distancing

Social Distancing 

 Riders will be allowed in the studio 15 minutes before class. We ask that riders do not congregate before class and head to your bike once you have stored your belongings to keep high traffic areas clear.


Locker Use and Rotation

Limited lockers will be available to allow for social distancing. We ask that riders only bring their essentials to class and store in lockers marked available. Used lockers will be disinfected after each class.


Bike Set Up

Staff will be available to help riders in the spin room, but will keep a safe distance. If you need need a refresher on bike set up Check out our 'How to Set Up Your Bike' video here.


We have always been dedicated to the utmost cleanliness of our studio, but now we are elevating our standards to better serve your needs during this time. We have outlined what we plan to do in order to keep this studio safe.


Hand Sanitizer Stations and Disinfectant Wipes

We will have various hand sanitizer stations and disinfectant wipes placed throughout the studio to be used at our riders convenience.


Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

We use hospital-grade disinfectant that has been proven to kill the virus known as COVID-19 in all areas of the studio such as the check-in, lounge, restrooms, stairs and spin room.


Frequent Cleaning and High-Touch Surface Areas

We have altered our schedule to 45 min between classes to allow staff members adequate  time to clean all touched surfaces thoroughly between classes. We will also be deep cleaning the entire studio after hours every day in order to maintain the safety of our staff and riders.

disinfectant spray




Bike and Weight Sanitation

All bikes and weights will be cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant after each class to ensure the safety of all staff members and riders. In addition, disinfectant wipes will be available to riders. 


Shoes Sanitation

Shoes will be thoroughly cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant after each class. Shoes will be rotated to ensure shoes are not used twice in a row. We encourage all riders to bring or purchase their own shoes at this time. Please contact us via email at or at the front desk for information on ordering.


Bike Sprayer

Our staff will use an electrostatic backpack sanitizer in order to ensure that all hard to reach areas of the bike and spin room have been cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant. 




Please only touch your bike. If you require other weights, please raise your hand and our staff will assist you. 


Late Entries

We will not be allowing any riders to enter the room once class has started. 


Contact with Riders

We ask that all riders refrain from any high fives or hugs for the time being. We still encourage hoots and hollers from our riders!





Social Distancing 

We ask that riders exit the studio promptly and do not congregate after class. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please wait until all riders have exited the room to ease the flow of traffic within the studio. 



Please wait to enter and exit the studio until the doors are propped open after class to avoid frequent touch points. 


Retail Purchases and Returns

Our retail will still be available; however, we ask that riders avoid touching merchandise they are not planning to purchase. Riders will not be allowed to try on items in studio until further notice. 



Health Check

Staff members and instructors will be required to have their temperature checked before their shift and will be asked to stay at home any time they are feeling unwell. 


Face Masks and Gloves

Staff members will be required to wear face masks for the duration of their shift (except for instructors while teaching) and gloves while cleaning. 







These changes and regulations are new for us too. We have implemented  new safety and cleaning measures in ensure the the health of our staff and riders is paramount. We trust that our tribe will read through these precautions and be understanding of the new standards set forth for our studio. 

Please respect all riders and staff members during this time and practice social distancing while in the studio. 

If you have a cough, fever or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the studio until you’re free of ALL symptoms for at least three days. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have knowingly come into contact with someone who has tested positive, we ask that you do not come to the studio for fourteen days or until you have tested negative for COVID-19. 

Our studio is cleaner than ever and while things may look different, we know you’ll still love the feeling of riding bikes together in a dark room!

We are following CDC guidelines and local and state government regulations closely in order to keep our staff and riders safe. We hope that riders understand the necessary precautions we are taking and  that if you do not feel comfortable being in the studio you will continue to use Jibe at Home!