Growing up with an influence of fitness from her mother, Tori has been surrounded by the positive benefits of exercising her whole life. Being a part of team sports in high school into college, Tori loves any activity involving team work. While your work out is your own, the camaraderie in Tori’s class is felt by everyone in the room.  

Tori’s contagious energy will make you feel like you’re at a dance party while getting a killer work out at the same time! Tori’s music style ranges from today’s top hits to 90’s hip hop, rap, and R&B. Her favorite move is the tap back, firing the abs and glutes! 

When Tori’s not jamming out on the bike, she’s an operating room nurse at Maine Medical Center. In her free time, she enjoys visiting all of the craft breweries in Portland, traveling with friends, binge watching The Office, and spending time with her family. 

“Limitations only exist if you let them.”