Tips for new riders

  • Sign up for an account on our website.

  • Book your first ride! We recommend picking a bike toward the back to start, as it can be helpful to watch more experienced riders in front. Once you are a pro, move on up!

  • The day of, make sure to hydrate, and eat something light 30—45 minutes before your ride.

  • Wear a sporting shirt or tank and form-fitting pants or shorts. Avoid loose-fitting long pants as you could risk getting caught in the flywheel. Also... make sure to bring socks!

  • Arrive at Jibe at least 15 minutes early so we can get you checked in, give you a tour, and help you get set up on the bike!

  • Do only what you feel comfortable doing! Our style of rhythm riding incorporates lots of choreography (i.e. dancing on the bike!) This is a different experience from traditional cycling.

  • Bring your positive energy, and hoot and holler if you feel it! The cycling room is a safe place, where we uplift and encourage others! 

  • Ask questions! We are here for you! If you have questions about music, choreography, or how you can get more Jibe in your life, let us know!