Jibe Instructor: Sara


Sara is originally from Vermont, she moved to Maine four years ago. Sara played competitive soccer player and ran marathons as her form of exercise for years. Unfortunately, a back injury and a few too many concussions prevented her from continuing with those activities.

Prior to moving to Maine, Sara had never taken an indoor cycling class. She found her way into one of Joanna's classes and immediately fell in love with rhythm riding. Sara has a passion for sweat and moving her body to the beat, whether that is on the bike or dancing in the kitchen.

In her classes, you can expect pop remixes from all decades and electronic dance music with intense beat drops. Sara is a fan of all the choreography, but her favorite move is a diagonal press and tapback combo! Sara's goal for every class is to leave you dripping in SWEAT and SWAG! 

"Meet people where they dream."