Brooke, a born and raised Mainer, is super excited about joining the Jibe Tribe. She can’t think of anything better than getting sweaty and stomping out beats in a dark room with people who work hard. In her classes you can expect to have fun and be challenged... and dance. She believes in riding as a tribe and building each other up. Her classes are sure to leave you feeling energized!  Brooke loves creating playlists that allow people to bring out their inner badass and find rhythm they never knew they had! When she’s not rocking out at Jibe or nerding out in law school, you can find her with her fiancé and 2 big dogs on one of the many beautiful adventures Maine has to offer.  

“Thats how you accomplish things in life. You don’t sit around talking about it; you just do it. If you really want to go far in life, you do things that are hard and that you think you can’t do.”